Rotary Ride for Rescue

Together, We Can Make a Difference.

This year we are asking everyone to meet our minimum fundraising goal of $100 in support of local causes in our community. Take a moment to learn about the impact your fundraising dollars will have. 

North Shore Rescue

As a team, North Shore Rescue is continually evolving and seeking ways to provide the best and most efficient care to injured or lost subjects. Learn more below. 

North Shore Rescue is very well known and respected for the use of helicopters to rescue lost & injured hikers in the North Shore mountains and beyond.  But, what if the helicopter can’t fly (due to weather), or if a rescue subject is inaccessible by helicopter?  When this happens, NSR’s rope rescue team swings into action.  Rope Rescue is a core capability of any ground search and rescue team, and NSR maintains an extensive inventory of rope rescue gear and highly skilled rope rescue technicians.  The equipment inventory ranges from ropes and anchoring equipment, and through to specialized devices that assist with raising and lowering rescuers and subjects.

North Shore Rescue stays at the forefront of rope rescue and adopts new rope rescue techniques as they evolve – to ensure safety for subjects and team members.

This year, NSR plans to evolve their rope rescue systems to adopt a proven, lightweight system that will allow teams to more quickly, safely, and flexibly respond to calls requiring rope rescue.

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue 1

Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue – Station 1 – West Vancouver (RCMSAR Station 1) responds to marine emergencies in the southern Howe Sound.  Our volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The station has been in providing marine search and rescue for over 30 years.  Our two vessels are on the water 550 hours a year.  In additional to responding to marine emergencies, the station has seen a growing number of call-outs to support local fire and police. RCMSAR Station 1 is a vital community asset, part of the north shore emergency response. 

The station, though the West Vancouver Marine Rescue Society receives financial support from many sources.   Fundraising is a critical activity.  Financial support is received from RCMSAR-HQ, BC Community Gaming Grants, grants including the generous support of Rotary of West Vancouver Sunrise, donations from the public and fundraising at Dinner on the Dock.

This year SARS1 needs to do a 10 year refit of their 2 rescue boats .

This refit costs almost the same as the initial purchase price of the boats.

Rotary the Club of West Vancouver Sunrise

Service Above Self

Rotary International has 34,000 clubs with 1.4 million members worldwide. Internationally, rotarians have worked to eradicate polio in the world, build hospitals, schools, libraries, water purification systems and provide medical assistance in under privileged areas. Local Rotary clubs work quietly in your community to improve the lives of residents and create opportunities for you that risk and persons in crisis. 100% of charitable donations go to the project recipients.

The Rotary Club of West Vancouver Sunrise is a service club of men and women who make a difference in their community and in the world.

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